UDOR was founded in 1966, today it develops, manufactures, markets, supplies and services diaphragm pumps and plunger pumps for pumping water, including chemical-added water.
Our production covers now over 50 models of Diaphragm Pumps (from 2 to 6 cylinders) and over 150 models of Plunger Pumps (from 3 to 6 cylinders).
Our pumps are designed to ensure reliability and long life. We constantly improve our products to guarantee quality and upgrade performance.
Our pumps are developed to be incorporated into various kinds of pumping systems such as: Agricultural Sprayers, High Pressure Washers, Water Cleaners, Fire Fighting Systems, Deicing Equipment, Reverse Osmosis systems, Misting equipment, Lawn Care Sprayers and others.
Our organization complies with the requirements of ISO-9001 and we are committed to continuous improvement of the performance of all company departments and functions. We strongly believe in conducting business with ethics and in listening to customer needs.
Our Mission is to be recognized in our world-wide industry as a competitive, innovative and reliable company.

Description Product Code View Product Page
GC 30/20 S GC 30/20 S GC30/20S
GHC 20/50 S GHC 20/50 S GHC20/50S
GKC 17/36 S GKC 17/36 S GKC17/36S
GKC 21/36 S GKC 21/36 S GKC21/36S
GKC 26/28 S GKC 26/28 S GKC26/28S
GKC 42/18 S GKC 42/18 S GKC42/18S
GKC 50/15 S GKC 50/15 S GKC50/15S
MC 15/20 S MC 15/20 S MC15/20S
MC 18/20 S MC 18/20 S MC18/20S
MC 20/20 S MC 20/20 S MC20/20S